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Hi and welcome. You can congratulate yourself for being one of those rare ones to visit my homepage and buy yourself some chocolates for the same. Wish you a memorable stay here. The Pink Floyd title is just to keep that counter below ticking. And if you followed that, don't be disappointed for given below is a really cool link to take you to the paradise that Pink Floyd Home Page is.

About me

To tell you a little about myself, I was born in India near Patna 26 years ago. I have done my B.Tech. from Institute of Technology, Banaras Hindu University, located in Varanasi at the banks of Ganges. I am currently in San Francisco Bay Area in California.
I love listening to music, specially classic rock. I would love to play the guitar. I tried picking it up and then learnt that it required great patience, something I lack. I am not moody. I am generally in a good mood. And I love the outdoors. And when I have nothing on my hands, I just talk to my computer.
What occupies me now? I am currently learning to say NO when I don't want to say YES.

I love

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